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Behind the scenes with DE MICHAEL DE HUY

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A versatile and fearless performer, Michael leads an eclectic and multi-faceted career, weaving together his skills as pianist, improviser, arranger and composer.  Michael often intertwines his improvisations and original compositions in his solo piano recitals such as in the series of solo recitals he performed for Inspire Music Australia in 2023 throughout regional NSW.  In 2022, Michael also curated a concert of original and experimental improvisation forms and compositions titled ‘Airs and Surfaces’ in which he combined synthesisers, iPad, voice and piano simultaneously. 


Michael has released two solo piano albums of original compositions: ‘Reminiscing, Reminisced (2020)’ and ‘Fae (2022)’ which are available on all major platforms.  He has also co-arranged several movements of De Falla’s El Amor Brujo for two pianos together with Natalia Ricci which was premiered at the 2022 Spanish Music Festival Encuentros Españoles.

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